Vision & Mission


Hail Mary English Medium School pursued the goal of all round formation – intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual of young children who have been under its care. We expect he child to be a perfect complete person blessed with all the virtues and the embodiment of the essence of all secular thoughts and one who is beholden to the supreme power.


Hail Mary English Medium School exist to train students and to maintain good fellowship among the teachers, irrespective of caste, color, or creed in the true spirit of human brotherhood in the most effective manner. In fulfilling our we place special emphasis on the values of integrity, respect, kindness, compassion, courage, a sense of pride and achievement.


To enhance academic excellence.

To provide education which aims at excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, encourage creativity.

To create an awareness of the social and economic reality to the students about the world around them.

To uphold an integrated view of life based on Christian values and to promote the all round development of students – intellectual physical and spiritual.

To develop qualities of leadership, teamwork and co-operation, so as to train them to be responsible citizens of India.


Faith in God

Love of Humanity


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