We expect the hearty co-operation of all parents in the working of the school. A general meeting of all the guardians is held in the beginning of the year. The guardians of each class shall elect from among themselves a representative for that class. Resolution to be discussed in the General Body must be sent earlier to the Principal. After each common examination a meeting of the guardians of each class together with the teachers and the pupils of the class shall be convened and the work of the class,improvements to be affected in the teaching and discipline of the class etc would be discussed. Guardians shall come to the school occasionally and discuss with the teachers the study,conduct and other details relating to their children after getting the consent of the principal. But they would do well not to meet the teacher when the teachers and teaching in the class. Suggestions for improvement of the school and pupils are always welcome. Blank sheets are provided at the end of the diary for the guardians to communicate with the teacher and vice versa. They shall check the diary every day and sign it duly if any remarks recorded.

Open House

Parents are requested to meet the teachers concerned, after each examination, for a regular feed back of their children's overall development and progress. Reports Cards for terminal exams will be issued to parents ,only during the open house.

Parents are requested to visit the school ,and meet the teachers occasionally.

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