General Rules

Students should attend school in the prescribed uniform

The school uniform should be clean full and well pressed. Student who are not smartly dressed should be sent home

Student should assemble class-wise for the morning assembly

Every student should behave respectfully to the members of the staff

Participation in school programmes is compulsory

Every student should have with him the test books and note books required for the class he attends. No newspaper, periodicals, comics etc.. other than school books shall be brought to the school

Cell phones and it related storage devices are strictly prohibited

Home exercise shall be done regularly and carefully and be submitted to the appointed time

Pupil who are absent form the class must bring leave note from there guarding to the class teacher starting the reason for their absence.

The school premises and surrounding should be kept neat ad tidy.

Playing and shooting inside the school building is strictly prohibited .while passing among the corridor staircase ,pupil should keep to left.

No students shall enter the class after the class has begun,without the permission of the teacher nor shall he/she leave the class.

Jewellery must not be worn in the school

All the expected to speak in English in the school premises to acquire fluency in the language.

Students should not destroy or damage school property. They should not scratch or damage school furniture,write or draw on the walls. The cost of damage or loss of school property will be recovered from the pupil concerned .

Students should neither borrow nor lend money,nor exchange articles.

A pupil travelling by the school bus from the beginning of a term has to travel by it for the whole term. If the pupil wants to discontinue the travel by school bus from next term he/she has to inform in advance.

Strict disciplinary action will be taken against pupil found guilty of any malpractice in the examination. Students who are absent from exams will be treated as having failed .

Every pupil is expected to behave in a polite manner while travelling by the school bus or private conveyance.

While passing along the corridor during class hours , students should keep silence. Do not litter waste paper/scrap inside the class rooms and campus. If anyone finds anything littered it should be deposited in the waste bin.

Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the authorities of the school not only for their conduct in the school but also from their general behaviour outside. Pupils must reach the school before the first bell. They must not leave the school without the permission of the Principal or Class Teacher.

A pupil coming late loses the benefit of attendance for the day concerned. To cultivate the habit of conservation students are advised to switch of lights and fans and close the water taps after use.

Promotion is entirely based on the students attendance and performance in each and every unit test and terminal examination. Each pupil is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings .Costly and fancy ornaments should be avoided . All personal articles including book shall be kept neat and labelled.

Kindly check the dairy daily and ensure that it is brought to school every day ,properly filled.

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